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A Halloween themed domino deck-builder roguelike. Connect dominoes on the board to attack skeletons, and possess your dominoes with ghostly spirits that provide unique strategic abilities. There are over a dozen unique upgrades, with various synergies waiting to be found.

This game was made over the month of October for the Click-Or-Treat Halloween bundle https://twitter.com/halloweenbundle

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
TagsDeck Building, dominoes, Halloween, Roguelike, Roguelite, Skeletons, upgrades


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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Great work, love a simple and elegant mechanic like this. Also big fan of your visual and audio work!

Thank you!

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Hi, I came from Reto video, really liked the concept of the game and really liked the art style, one idea for helping the getting stuck situations is that once per level you may remove 1 domino piece from the board, maybe that could also cost 1 Heart (but I dont see that necessary), it is just a suggestion, I hope that you get success with this game and that you keep expanding on the idea :D

Thank you! Super grateful for retroโ€™s video and the feedback he and his viewers like yourself have provided :) That is a good suggestion about freeing up space on the board, I had played with something like that, but couldnโ€™t come up with a good solution and left it as it is. If I update the game with some balance tweaks in the near future, allowing the player to mitigate the cluttering of the board is a high priority. Thanks again for playing!

glad to hear that, and I hope you are able to update it

I was also wondering if you were interested in taking fan ideas for upgrades or maybe even different enemies, if not that is okay

Iโ€™m taking a break from working on the game now that Halloween is over, except for the urgent bug fixes, but the plan is to give the game a major update next October, so feel free to comment any ideas! Always open to suggestions.

oh that is a long time until next update XD, but do take your time to rest and whenever you feel good to keep working on this is okay, you did a good job with it

Thank you, definitely a long time! But my plan is to release several more games in the meantime, then work on the game again once I've gotten some space from it, and when people are looking for a Halloween themed game again. Thanks again for your feedback!

The big hype nowadays is making a smaller, demo version, playable only on web, do you think that would ever be possible for Boneyard ?

I opted not to provide a demo because the game itself is so small, and I feel like the trailer does a good enough job of showing what you get in the game. Iโ€™ll consider doing that in the future.


Hi, you will maybe do a mobile version (Android) ?


I would like to make a version for iOS and Android, but I didnโ€™t have time to do so before Halloween, as I was crunching to just get the game ready for pc on time. I may port the game to mobile at some point in the future, but I canโ€™t promise anything.

in which game engine this masterpiece was created?


Thank you! This was made using the love2d framework https://love2d.org/ It's a free and open-source framework that makes it super easy to program games that work on Windows/Mac/iOS without having to worry about all the low-level stuff. It uses the lua scripting language and doesn't have any kind of visual editor like Unity or Unreal. I personally see this as a plus, because I don't want to worry about any engine specific editor quirks, I just want to drag art assets into a folder, and write code to move them around. This is my first project released using it, and I definitely plan to use it more moving forward. It's not the ideal solution for everyone, but I love it. Thank you again for playing the game    : )

Satisfying domino tactics. Great art. Well considered power up and enemy design. My favorite power ups are the ghost and bride+groom.

Thank you!

super nice little game, fixed my Sunday's hangover...

Glad you liked it! : )


Totally awesome and so cerebral. Got my first win! Wish I took a screenshot, I had the 2 damage draw, the 'place anything near gravestones', the even-odd matching domino, and one more I can't remember.

The upgrades were really clever and empowering, with some of them leading to really cool domino chains and double kills. I really liked this game!

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Thank you so much!