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wait how tf is this possible

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Nice it's like the original Baba Is You but for broke ppl

Would recommend playing but unfortunately it's too short

Whenever I hack the code, I can't move the player. @Galatical Do you still have the source code? Can you send it to me?

Hmm, I just checked and you're right. The source code has always been what you see there, so I think some sort of weird PuzzleScript bug introduced in an update must have caused this. Either way, I removed the first line that created a player object on every tile and simply gave the play a letter in the legend and placed it manually in the corner of each level, and that fixed it. I've updated the link that says "If the game does not work for you, or you are on mobile, try this link" to a new, working version. See if that works for you!

now we have two baba is you in puzzlescript


Why are text so unreadable??


The engine I used to make this, PuzzleScript, is very limited. The maximum sprite size is 5x5 pixels, the best I could do to represent words is to just put the first letter of the word. This makes understanding the game nearly impossible if you haven’t played the original, but it’s the best I could do with the tools. I’d recommend checking out the “PuzzleScript” tag on to see more examples of games made using the engine, there’s a lot of good ones.