WASD/Arrow Keys to move

Z to undo

R to restart

If the game does not work for you or you are on mobile, try this link: https://www.puzzlescript.net/play.html?p=896c113d57f154ae7d3e1caeded0e02a

A PuzzleScript demake of the mechanics seen in the early levels of the game Baba Is You developed by Arvi Teikari. The goal for this project is that in any scenario that can be created in the level editor, the tiles will have the exact same functionality they would in the original game. To use the level editor, click the above link, press the "hack" button at the bottom of the screen, then press the "level editor" button that appears at the top of the screen.

P.S. The PuzzleScript game engine has a maximum tile resolution of 5x5 pixels, thus the words have been abbreviated to their first letter.


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now we have two baba is you in puzzlescript


Why are text so unreadable??

The engine I used to make this, PuzzleScript, is very limited. The maximum sprite size is 5x5 pixels, the best I could do to represent words is to just put the first letter of the word. This makes understanding the game nearly impossible if you haven’t played the original, but it’s the best I could do with the tools. I’d recommend checking out the “PuzzleScript” tag on itch.io to see more examples of games made using the engine, there’s a lot of good ones.