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Haha, that last puzzle made me laugh, good game!

The last puzzle was really good and overall a really solid game.


Love the twist at the last part, and overall, a very neat puzzle. Had fun playing through it.


When are the walkthroughs of this game being posted on YouTube?



Competor posted a blind playthrough. It is in Japanese, but the English auto-translate feature is pretty effective for understanding what is said :)

There's also this 3 minute walkthrough video I found in the comments on the post about this game on Bart Bonte's website:

What a neat little game! I had fun playing it :) Was real glad for the checkpoints so I didn't get frustrated replaying the whole thing every time I got stuck.


 I figured out the last level's trick quickly, like, instantly

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this, is why dont do that


im just smart like that =P


I feel like the name was inspired by Can of Wormholes

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It was! That was one of my favorite puzzle games of the last year, but I felt cheated that there were no actual wormholes in the game so I made this lol.

the meta stuff was the wormholes.

Any hints on the last room? I'm not ah-ha-ing.


There is something intangible that needs to pass through one wormhole to the other.

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scroll down for a hint

3 turn blocks needed, but only 2 here? maybe i could TELEPORT one in the room!


Just take a look at the image for the game on the main Confounding Calendar page

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"please don't do that" haha

very clever and not too frustrating. the "don't do that" prompt had me in stitches. 

"Please don't do that."

"Please don't do that." 🤣


That last section took an imaginative "leap," but I finally made it. Good puzzle, clever mechanics. Thanx.

Any clues for that last room? I'm not seeing that "a-ha" moment.

look up at where i replied on someone else sayin that exact thing


So good! The final a-ha moment is super satisfying :)

Perfect game for the confounding calendar!  

Thank you! I also have to ask: how did you manage to find the game? Lol, it’s been hidden both from being sent as a notification to my followers as well as being hidden on my page.

If you search for puzzlescript games, it shows up.  Also, it may not be on your main game page, but it is listed on your account page where it shows the things that you created.  

Thank you, I forgot to hide the game from search results. Consider yourself an early tester :)